Should your organization need to make major changes and make it sustainable, we are the go-to HR advisory experts as we are the bridge between employees and business strategy

Manpower Planning:

We are organized at providing an ongoing and continuous strategy toward getting and maintaining the right number of competent personnel to do the required tasks for the fulfilment of the goals and objectives of your organization.

Proper utilization of your workforce can help you save money now, and as you plan for your company’s future. This entails the interaction of departmental managers with our team of professionals to maintain current staff levels and plan for future workforce needs. We use manpower planning to provide a structure by which your company can prepare for and monitor future growth.

Staffing levels can change based on company growth, losses due to layoff or temporary and seasonal employment needs. The objective of manpower planning is to forecast staffing level needs and work with company managers to make sure each department is properly staffed. Team LEAD professionals plan for seasonal rises in employment needs to ensure that production levels and customer service quality are not affected. This includes supply of seasonal staff for part-time Jobs

Job Design:

We specify contents, methods and relationship of jobs in order to satisfy technological and organizational requirements as well as the social and personal requirements of the job.  We advise clients on task, motivation, resource allocation and a compensation system. We ensure standardization of tasks and proper training of workers to administer the tasks for which they are responsible. With this employees understand their job role and how to synergize with internal and external business environment for maximum fulfilment.

HR System Review:

We do a focal review system for management to evaluate all employees within the same period, such as quarterly, bi -annually or annually. We find the best HR Software using real-time, up-to-date data; HR professionals’ benefit from HR software systems by providing a more structured and process oriented approach to completing administrative tasks in a recurrence and scalable manner

This helps the organizations to identify the strength and weaknesses of employees and take proactive measures to save and sustain the face of it business from future cataclysm.

Team Bonding Facilitation:

We champion team bonding as a platform for rehearsal for organization to settle in, set up strategies for the business, solve problems, and enable team work together for greater success in the new financial year. This increase motivation for employees and produces results that beats target.

HR Department Management:

We take charge of finding employees, training employees, and conflict resolution; benefit administration among employees as well as making sure they meet the goals, mission and future needs of your organization. This enhances the goodwill as well as the public image internally and externally

Employee Relations:

We train high ranking officers and /or Ad-hoc committees on how to manage relationships between employers and employees on Issues that requires disciplinary measures, whistle blowing, threat at workplace etc. So employees are committed to their jobs.

Capital Strategy Planning:

We align human capital strategies with organizations’ mission, goals, and objectives through analysis, planning, investment, and management of human capital. We outlines the human resources and skills needed to allow an organization to achieve its goals. We achieve this based on workforce planning and talent management systems.

Succession Planning:

We identify and develop new leaders who can replace old leaders when they leave, retire or die to increase the availability of veteran and proficient employees that are primed to assume these roles as they become available. This aid continuity in business, the organization does not have to worry about stoppage in production.

HR Strategy:

Our team adopt strategic approach to the effective management of organizations employees, to enable the business gain a competitive advantage. This service is designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives and vice versa.

Performance Managment:

LEAD identifies GAPS by working with management in measuring KPIs, thereby ensuring accurate trainings are lined up. This enables employees to perform to the best of their abilities, hence curbing high attrition.

Change Transformation:

Our team coordinates and manage all change activities, establish detailed change processes with stakeholders and organizations process owners to ensure a strategic delivery is in place.